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How to Sign Up Stockbit Social ?

Stockbit Social is a community stock platform that allows investors to easily interact and discuss with other investors. By having a Stockbit Social account, you can also enjoy the basic features of Stockbit to perform stock analysis.

Follow these steps, to register a Stockbit account through the Mobile App.
Click Sign Up/ Register (Daftar) on the initial screen when opening the application
Register your Stockbit social account using your company’s email address by clicking Sign up with email (“Daftar dengan Email”)
Enter your company email address
Enter Full Name
Create a username that you want to use to interact on Stockbit Social
Username won't be able to edit once registration is completed
Create a social account password and confirm it by entering the same code in the Confirm box
Select country code then enter your mobile phone number
Enter the verification code sent via SMS to the registered phone number number
Select country, select “Indonesia” as the country and confirm
Registration completed and your stockbit social account has successfully been created

Once you have your stockbit social account successfully created, you could proceed to stockbit trading account opening through the guide shared to your email address.

⚠️Important Notes ⚠️
For Foreign user, your Stockbit trading account opening process will be different from local employees due to additional regulatory requirements. The process requires physical wet signatures and stamp duty (meterai) on various account opening documents.
Guidelines for foreign stockbit trading account opening will be shared to your email address.
IF you're a foreigner and would like to open stockbit trading account but not received any account opening process guideline, please contact our customer support at :

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